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6th grade Science - Environment

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6th Grade Science





Essential Question: How can a community restore balance to an unbalanced ecosystem? 


Guiding questions:

     1.  Based on your environmental issue, as a team can you develop a possible solution to create balance in an ecosystem?


     2.  What would the outcome or results be to your solution?



     3.  What steps would your group have to take in order to see your solution carried through?


     4.  Who (or what local or national organization(s)) would oppose your solution to create balance in an ecosystem, and why?





     Concept maps to help develop your team's plan


      Livebinders website for different topics


                Oil Spill:
               -Latest Solution and Long-Term Consequences of the Spill


               Gray Wolf:
               -Endangered Species: The Case of the Grey Wolf


               Invasive Species:
               -Controlling Invasive Species: Helpful Tips for What You Can Do
               -Zebra Mussels: A Pest of the Great Lakes


Concept Maps




Ongoing and Final Assessments:


     Daily Collaboration Checklist (See Sidebar for sample)


     Online journaling discussions  (See sidebar for discussion response pages)


     Final Presentation



Lesson Plans






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